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About Us

Holistic order is a customizable, cloud based universal tool for call centre and dispatching services. We offer you software solutions for taxi dispatching, shipping and delivery services as well as for many kind of household services.

We also can provide you with phone operators for your company in outsourcing basis. Our telephone operators will present your company in a proper way without being physically in your company.

We are engaged in software development in Armenia, and developing our products constantly. We also can take personal orders from individual customers.

Awesome Features

Reduced Cost

Simple In Use

Dedicated Support

Awesome Features


With our web application, your employees(phone operators) can register and manage orders, dispatch to taxi drivers, delivery mans or any kind of service workers, for short we call them pickers. With our mobile application, your pickers can easily accept the order and give the customers a proper service on time.

Event notifications

Your employees(e.g. taxi drivers or delivery men) and customers will receive notifications on their mobile device, informing about events like taxi picker arrived or picker has new order.

Automated Booking

With our mobile application your customers can make an order without phone call, bypassing participation of your phone operators, but you can turn this functionality off, if you wish.

Product delivery

Our cloud based system will help you manage your phone/online marketing and delivery service.

Billing and Reporting

Detailed reports of your billings, registered orders, employees and more.

Easy configuration

You can customize the details of your business profile in wide scope manner, according to your business specifications.


Monthly Price

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44$ for each branch

In our terminology branch is your business profile. For most users one branch is enough. So probably You don't need to have more than one branch.

1$ for 1 active user

No matter how many employees do you have registered, we will count only active users. For example if you have 10 active users, then your monthly payment for one branch will be equal to 44$ + 10$ = 54$ and it's the best price in the market.

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