How to use?

Welcome to dashboard

Here is the place where you will manage all your stuff. In order to good understand the material, first of all you should learn some terms that we use in general.

Picker is a employee who will deliver to consumers, e.g. taxi driver or delivery man.

Operator is a employee who will talk to consumers, register and manage orders.

Branch is a unit of business. You must have at least one branch. Every branch has an individual settings and employees.

Now let's get some explanation about the pages you see in the left menu

Home: Here operators will add, edit, and view active orders and pickers.

Orders: Search and view orders using many filters and keywords.

Reports: Here you can see many kind of statistics about your business.

Settings: All your settings about your business like branches, employees, vehicles, trip rates, products, etc...

Support: Here you can write us a message about your troubles, wishes, noticed bugs, etc...